matt stretch jersey

Stress-free style for ALL women

Give your self-confidence a huge boost with Matt Stretch Jersey:

  • Vibrant colours that make you look younger
  • Hits the perfect note between elegance & sexy
  • Flows with the natural curve of your body for a flawless fit

the benefits

Matt Stretch Jersey

Softly sophisticated, sublimely comfortable

Wash & Wear

Always ready - you can throw your iron away!

All Shapes & Sizes

You don't need to be a standard size to wear it


Dresses | Tops | Skirts | Pants | Shorts


I'm fat - Is Matt Stretch Jersey Suitable for Me?

The Benefits of Matt Stretch Jersey if you're feeling fat:

  • Matt stretch jersey is soft and stretchy so it's ideal for big arms, large busts, fat tummies and backs, large butts and thighs, and for big calf muscles 
  • Matt stretch jersey works with your shape - not against it - so it won't strain, pull or feel uncomfortable over your fat bits
  • And because matt stretch jersey works with your shape, you will find that you look and feel slimmer because your clothes fit you perfectly. Instead of being forced to buy clothes in a size that fits the widest parts of you and make you feel like a sack without shape, stretch jersey gives you the opportunity to buy clothes in the right size to balance your proportions perfectly
  • If you're feeling fat and frumpy and want to fix it, click here

What Does Wash and Wear Mean?

Matt stretch jersey is wash and wear, which means that it never requires ironing!

What are the Care Instructions for Matt Stretch Jersey?

Matt stretch jersey is a luxury fabric that will give you many years of constant wear if you follow these care instructions:

  • Cold hand wash, reshape and lay flat to dry or fold over a rail 
  • Do not tumble dry or dry clean
  • Do not iron | Hand steaming is OK
  • Matt stretch jersey is sensitive to abrasive surfaces eg: bag straps, bags with zippers and buckles etc

What is Matt Stretch Jersey made from?

Made from 96% Polyester; 4% Spandex

How do I Order | Buy?

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what to wear

Easy Monday to Sunday style

Matt Stretch Jersey makes it easy to know what to wear for:

  • Desk to dinner
  • About town
  • After dark
  • Maternity
  • Travel