wear to work

Start your day with confidence

Transform your work wardrobe with Plush Cotton Jersey! It's great for:

  • A modern suit that fits like a glove
  • Button down shirts that don't pull or gape
  • Mix & match separates that work seamlessly
  • Slimline cardigans that hide your tummy, hips & butt

not a standard size or fit?

Your days of ill-fitting, frumpy workwear are over! Plush Cotton Jersey styles look great on ALL women so you don't have to be a standard size or fit to look and feel confident

they say...

The TOP 3 reasons our customers love Plush Cotton Jersey:

Second Skin Comfort


Easy to Dress Up or Down





How to Look Great in 5 mins

Take the stress out of staycation dressing. Plush Cotton Jersey gives you 'throw-it-on' style for:

  • Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner
  • Cocktails by the pool
  • Romantic walks